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Indie Horror Film Creative is a worldwide community of Independent Horror filmmakers, content producers, and artistic creative's.

Indie Horror Film Creative is where Horror Filmmakers work together producing content and making terrifying films.

Together creating the future of film.

Welcome to Indie Horror Film Creative

The Future of Film

The home of horror!

Who says you can't make a killer no-budget film?

The filmmaking industry has been blown wide open by innovative shot on mobile masterpieces, such as the critically acclaimed Tangerine and Creep. By throwing out the rulebook and proving that an awesome script , creativity and passion trumps big bucks, indie no-budget filmmakers are now unstoppable!

The advancements in digital technology have broken down the barriers for filmmakers, making it not only achievable but relevant for bridging the chasm between audiences and film in today's world of fast moving media consumption. Filmmakers of the 21st century  seduce their audiences with the art form of film, developing and refining their own unique style as they bring their story to life. It's this inventiveness and devotion which is transforming the industry.

With an abundance of lacklustre screenplays, rehashed concepts and uninspiring cinematography approaches it's no surprise that filmmakers are left questioning the relevance of mainstream cinema.

There's a plethora of free tools out there for filmmakers working on low/no-budget films.

We salute all no-budget filmmakers turning limits into opportunities.

 With a myriad of free apps, tutorials, hints and tips online, what are you waiting for? Now there's no excuse, the only thing standing in the way of you becoming the next Scorsese or Ari Aster is you!

Tips on How to make a short horror film with your Cellphone or first DSLR camera!

Don't Get Stressed!

This may sound crazy, but try,  you're best will only come when you're not  too stressed. Maybe it's the first short film you're creating, have fun, learn from the mistakes you make along the way, and don't be too hard on yourself if you don't create a viral video, or get that many hits from the off.

Don't stress about it. Not even the world's best filmmakers get it right first time. As long as you have passion for filmmaking and enjoy what you're doing, get out there and create some art and keep on creating!


If you're  using your mobile phone to shoot your first short film, use landscape mode at all times. There's nothing worse than finding out the camera didn't record in landscape!

Try to stabilise your camera, this could be with a tripod or some innovative homemade device etc, the main thing is you'll get a clear picture if your phone is stabilised.

Put your DIY skills to the test, using the materials at your disposal to mock up a shoulder rig using old timber, plastic piping etc, to avoid the excessively shaky footage associated with low budget films.

Shoot in HD, and hold the phone side-wards (horizontally)  to create landscape. I know this sounds crazy, but be sure to film with the outside (back of your phone) as the quality using the selfie option is far lesser quality than the standard cellphone camera will produce.

If you're going for a DSLR camera try to go for a minimum capability of 1080p video capture. You'll need additional memory cards, and it's always handy when shooting at a location to have spare memory cards and battery packs.

Always back up your video. Try to have at least two copies of everything, whether you're storing on an external hard drive or in the cloud be sure to back up footage.


If writing's your thing, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store when writing your own screenplay, the possibilities are limitless.  There's plenty of tried and tested rules and templates as to how to structure your script, but keep in mind that some of the best  scripts don't conform to these conventions .

Create your characters carefully, soulless characters make a dull watch. If your audience has no empathy for your characters they won't care if they live or die.

As far as the plot goes, no one wants a story spoon fed to them, but just because it makes sense in your head doesn't mean the viewer will get it. The most important thing here is to keep your audience engaged, and take them on the journey with you. Keep the viewer on the edge of their seat by creating twists and turns that they don't see coming.

When writing your screenplay keep in mind the resources you have at your disposal. Where possible try to limit cast numbers and location settings. keep it within the realms of reality of the budget of your production, hold back on expensive scenes, such as explosions and car chases, or a film set on an island when you live in a bustling city centre.


It's hugely important to consider the sound quality of your production. Clear audio will enable a completely immersive experience for the audience. When working with a tight budget an inexpensive Rode mic, which can be purchased for under $70, will be  a game changer to your production. is an excellent resource with a massive database of creative commons sounds for filmmakers.


Lighting can be a big expense on a film set. If you're a zero budget filmmaker be sure to make use of natural light where possible.

If you're working with a low budget you can get some great lighting equipment for under $70, including shadow boxes and ring lighting.


Connect with likeminded people, in exchange for acting in your film for free they gain experience on set and show reel materials, or percentage of any  back end profits if you are lucky enough to get your short film on a video on demand site.

Another route to casting actors for free is to polish your script before contacting professional actors through social media. A professional actor who's bowled over by a screenplay may be willing to work on your project for free.

Though  if you can afford to pay actors and crew minimum wage you won't have trouble getting a team together there are tons of sites like Mandy, Stage 32 and Star Now where you can advertise for cast and crew.


Your production can be edited with the use of one of the many and varied editing software suites available for free out there.

But, if you're intent to build your own mini in-house studio, a good investment would be some pro editing software.

Don't get me wrong I've seen two killer feature films edited with I-Movie in the last month! So you can use the free editing software out there, but if you want to take your editing skills to the next level it will be worth investing.

Adobe and Sony Vegas are great editing suites that can be used for short and feature films.


Make use of online platforms such as YouTube,  Vimeo which can also link the video direct from your website which enable you to get your finished film out to a mass audience (for free). Use this as a calling card, and for additional  footage for your show reel.

If you do try and get your film distributed, say you make a feature film or a collection of short films never pay anyone. Never pay a distributer to get your film out there, a good credible distributer will never ask you for money. I know that upfront money guarantees are as scarce as Bee's these days, but never pay a distributer.

You may encounter costs of deliverables, this is something you need to really look into. I remember the first ever distribution agreement I signed, the list of deliverables needed came to around 10K ..Yes, 10K! The costs included everything from chain of title, copyright, letters from lawyers, DCP deliverables, the list went on and on and on!

Tell a distributer what you can and can't deliver. If you can only deliver a copy of the film with no separate M and E tracks tell them this, they will work with you! Don't jump in and just sign documents! Ask questions until you are satisfied.


Do an online search for free entry film festivals to avoid racking up costs in submission fees.

Film freeway is a great resource for filmmakers of all levels  for both film and screenplays. You can find a lot of film festivals that don't have any entry fees on there.


If you are making a horror movie no doubt you will need lots of fake blood for the production and this can be very costly. You can create your own using corn syrup and red food colouring to make your own safe, fake blood. Make it dark, no fluorescent pinks here, the darker the blood the better.

T is for Team

You could be the best producer, director or DP in the world but it comes down to the old story of hungry down and outs, each of which had something. One had a carrot, one had water, one had a pot, one had matches, one had potatoes and stock cube, they all agreed to share and put everything in the pot  and together they would create a mouth watering soup, but each of them went back to the pot and it was empty. No one wanted to share, but all wanted the tasty soup.

Unless you get everyone on the same page and work with people who have the same level of passion as you, you'll be facing an uphill battle. Obviously, there are different levels, and we're talking about creating a film with your cellphone or camera, but for any production, in my opinion, you need a director/producer. Yes, this can be the same person, but be prepared to do the work, get your hands dirty and not be afraid to jump in and help  with any part of the production.

Ideally a director of photography,  a sound person,  as you grow your production house, ideally with a boom mic, lighting person and post production editor. Yes, you can be one and the same. And for my first shorts I had to put on many hats, but as you grow this team of people you'll get the best out of your production. You could make a $100 movie or a $100k movie with a tight team of crew around you, obviously you need the actors as well they are the key ingredient!

Even at this level you'll hopefully be entering your film into free film festivals and putting the film on you tube or Vimeo, etc. Be sure to get actor cast and crew release forms signed, I can't stress this enough. I know we aren't talking a film that will get into theatres, or on the TV, but any time you're undertaking a production you'll need release forms signed so you can safely use the footage without problems down the line.  One of the first short films I shot I foolishly thought, oh, these people are friends, I don't need a release form. Then after post production had taken place and the film was finished two of the actors refused to sign a release form as they wanted to go into a different career. So that put hold on hours upon hours of work, time and money, and I now have a 15 minute short film that will never see the light of day!

You can find templates online, add your companies details and get the actor to sign, with you counter signing that the footage can be used and shown in any and all forms of media and digital. Be sure to add the title of the production and have it signed and dated, and make back-up copies.


99% of people who create their first short film or make a short film with a cellphone won't have a budget.

So don't get disheartened ...get out there use your passion,  watch tutorial videos, study filmmaking, watch tons of horror movies, watch short  award winning horror films on you tube, get out there and create.

People think there's a magic fairy when it comes to film and funding the truth is so many indie horror films don't break even or recoup a lot of money back for costs of production no we aren't taking about Paranormal Activity but films you could see on Amazon Prime or a ltd DVD run.

Most directors and producers use their own money when funding micro budget films  and in most cases it's the passion and love of both the genre and films that drive them.

 Be social

Use social media to your advantage #hashtags relating to your production will get more eyes on your film, don't be afraid to self promote! You have worked hard on your production and you want people to see it and most probably you won't have a separate marketing budget  for this.

Try to create a poster for your short film or feature that you can use for promotion when the film is in pre production so you can start to build a buzz around your project even before it's finished, why not do a social media countdown coming in 7 days, then six and so on.  Get other cast and crew to promote the project as well.

Here are some useful #hashtags that are very handy not only in the indie film world but targeted for a horror audience as well.

Useful Social Media Hashtags :






























"If you can write it, you can film it!"

-Tony Newton

Our aim is to inspire people to create art within film at any level, our mission is to create content to help the filmmaker at all stages of their journey in filmmaking.

Together we are building an Indie Horror Film Creative network creating the future of horror film.

Indie Horror Film Creative  supports  independent film creative's at all levels of their career.

Be it up and coming filmmakers, first time filmmakers or established filmmakers.

We are passionate about the horror film genre, It's a macabre path that is filled with endless possibilities since the birth of cinema people have always wanted to be scared.

Our You Tube Channel will be full of in-depth mini guides on filmmaking from how to make a horror film, to guides covering every level  from script to screen to distribution and promotion and marketing.

We will be promoting Indie Horror film Trailers in our section Terror Trailers on You Tube and other channels.

 We will be showcasing short horror films in our Terror Bites section as well.

We will also be reviewing indie horror films.

Indie Horror Film Creative's  initiative is to support  indie filmmakers and build a community where horror film and the arts can thrive together.

Indie Horror Film Creative is a new start up and we are looking for investors and sponsors and content creators to join our venture.

Our goal at indie horror film creative would be to have hubs offering  the use of free camera equipment, sound, use of editing  equipment even  in house film sets, have a hub where guest speakers can do talks on filmmaking.

Until we reach the time when this dream can become a reality, we will offer as much information and content for free as we can, be it promotion for your indie horror film through our channels and social media showcasing your trailers and short films, making use of the mini documentaries like meet the filmmaker, meet the actor web series and how to film series .

New content will be added weekly!

Indie Horror Film Creative is a one stop horror shop for independent horror only everything is free here... for horror creative's for writers, actors, directors and producers you will hopefully find something here that can help you on your indie horror filmmaking journey.

Indie Horror Film Creative will bring exciting new ideas and upcoming talent to a global audience.

Showcase indie horror filmmakers via trailers, short films, meet the filmmaker, meet the director, meet the actor mini exclusive documentaries.

Work with indie filmmakers to create proof of concepts and short films.

With the proven success of short films like Lights Out and The Babadook we encourage horror filmmakers to try and make the next big horror short film.

Horror short films are superb calling cards they are short enough so viewers will take the time out to watch on you tube or vimeo.

Horror is more popular now than ever in mainstream cinema, we haven't seen horror this widely dominated in cinema history and equally Indie horror and underground horror films are getting larger audiences because of the internet, social media and availability on horror genre video on demand platforms.

Horror Lives

There is no other genre that translates so well to low or even no-budget filmmaking

Horror is a beast of its own!

Low budget underground horror films do have a cult  following, they are easier to sell than a low or no-budget drama or comedy films.

Some of the best horror films were made with little or no -budget, but they all had one thing in common, passionate filmmakers behind every production!

When you watch a horror film it's a experience like going on a ghost train, your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference of what is real or not. The subconscious  it think you are experiencing the terror first hand it thinks that what you are watching on screen is actually happening to you so your palms will sweat and your heart will race as you are thrust into the screen.

Recent box office figures from some of the most popular horror films in the last few years!

The Nun 2018

Total Box Office: $330 million worldwide

IT  2017

Total Box Office: $327.48 million

Get Out  2017

Total Box Office: $255 million worldwide

The Conjuring 2013

Total Box Office: $319 million worldwide

The Conjuring 2  2016

Total Box Office: $320 million worldwide

Paranormal Activity 2009

Total Box Office: $193 million worldwide

Paranormal Activity 3  2011

Total Box Office: $207 million worldwide

 It is more important now than ever to support indie horror films, most indie horror films are self funded and the filmmakers make very little if anything so it's important to purchase DVD's and merchandise direct from indie filmmakers websites and at horror conventions so they can continue to work on their next horror film project and who knows they could become the next James Wan or Wes Craven.



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